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Kiltarlity Community Council

About Kiltarlity

The main village in Kiltarlity is Allarburn, nowadays often referred to, but not really accurately, as Kiltarlity, and now signposted Kiltarlity Village. Allarburn has one hotel, Brockies Lodge, a Post Office and shop and a well used village hall.

A large number of Kiltarlity people live in the surrounding countryside on crofts or in recently built homes. Crofting has declined in importance but the rural population has been maintained by the building of many new houses both by local families and folk who have opted to live in this very beautiful area.

Kiltarlity has a primary school, Tomnacross, and secondary pupils travel to Charleston Academy in Inverness. It has three churches, the Church of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland, both of which are situated near the village, and a Roman Catholic Church at Eskadale, which is in the valley of the River Beauly on the road that leads to Strathglass.

Kiltarlity is a thriving community with many clubs and organisations, perhaps the oldest and best known of these being the Lovat Shinty Club. Shinty has always been played in the district and there has never been a time since its formation in the nineteenth century when the Lovat Club has not been in existence. It briefly amalgamated with Beauly in the early years of the twentieth century, but this experiment was abandoned and now the two clubs are justly famous for keeping alive the tradition of the New Year derby which has died out, or been only occasionally revived, in every other shinty playing area.

The Community Council

The Community Council provides a link between the Highland Council and other public bodies and the local people. It has a legal right to be consulted on planning applications and objections to liquor licenses. Apart from these specific areas the Community Council is expected to act on issues which it believes concern the interests of the community. The Community Council must be non-party and try to involve a very broad cross section of the community.

The Community Council holds monthly meetings (except July) which are advertised, with a note of the main business, on local notice boards (and on the website notice board) about a week beforehand. Agendas and minutes can be obtained from the Secretary, at meetings and on this website. Meetings are completely open to the public (though very occassionally, confidential issues may need to be discussed in private session).

Anyone wishing to raise any matter with the Community Council can contact the Chairman on 01463 741532 or the Secretary on 01463 741881, or approach any member. Minutes of previous meetings are left at the Post Office for consultation and can also be downloaded from this website.